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Lyfe Style Win

successful entrepreneurship in the beauty industry

Are you a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Esthetician, or Beauty Professional? Are you looking to start, grow, or expand your business in the Beauty Industry?

My love for connecting with my salon clients every day is what inspired my new venture, Lyfe Style Win, my Lifestyle and Beauty Blog with a focus on Entrepreneurship. I am so excited to share more of who I am outside of the salon, while also connecting to and teaching other Beauty Entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses.

For me, entrepreneurship is in my blood, my dad owned and operated his father’s business for 30 years. As a teenager I couldn’t believe my dad would pass on benefits and a steady 9-5 to work weekends and struggle through paperwork, taxes, and payroll.
Now, I get it.

Living, Styling, and Winning in the Beauty Industry means learning from our imperfections and prioritizing balance. With a colaborative approach, my goal is to open the doors to conversation on the many struggles, opportunities, and avenues we each have within the industry. I do this through one on one consulting packages, small workshops, and industry specific networking events.




My fears and concerns the day I walked out of my comfortable and supportive salon environment almost stopped me from making the best decision in my career. I want to share with you the steps I took before leaving the salon I originally grew my clientele in, once I launched my own business, and each and every day since to continue to grow and now maintain my fantastic clientele.


With One on One coaching services, I take you through the processes of success in starting, building, and maintaining successful client relationships. With so many different opportunities, the Beauty Industry is ever changing. I’m here to coach you through, offering a hand to hold approach of encouragement. Specific to your own needs, I will provide a customized road map to get you and your business where ever it is you’d like it to be.


Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation, we can get you started today!

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes


As Entrepreneurs, we all have fears, doubts, and concerns. The experience of making the transition out of a traditional salon setting specifically can be quite overwhelming. Wherever you may be in your business, there is always room for growth.


In small group workshops, I discuss the fundamentals of success as an Independent Beauty Professional, from contacting clients directly, setting prices and marketing yourself, to seeking out education, customer service, and time management. My goal is to create space for collaboration and reduce competition, between Beauty Professionals.


Register today for an upcoming Chicago Workshop!

Register today for this event!

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