Which Brush is Best?

Back in beauty school, an instructor of mine emphasized the importance of our brushes by challenging us to “Blowout Battles.” The goal was to create the smoothest blowout in the least amount of time. Back then, the style was smooth and straight. With the right tools, a blowdryer and a round brush could achieve the same look as a flatiron, in less time.

There are thousands of brands and styles out there. I’m going to focus on three of the primary types of brushes I use, when I use them, and who I use them on. When you’re styling your hair tomorrow morning, you’ll know exactly what to use!



With so many options of brushes, how do you know which is best for your hair type or the look you’re trying to create? If you’ve sat in my chair, you know that I’m fairly minimal when it comes to the products and tools I use.

*Disclaimer: I use two specific brands of brushes, Olivia Garden and The Wet Brush, both in the salon and at home. This post contains affiliate links to make purchasing similar options simple. If you choose to use these links, I am compensated. As always, I’ll only review and post on products I love! 

2017-09-25_0003.jpgDetangling and Paddle Brushes

My absolute favorite detangling brush is The Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush. With IntelliFlex® super thin and very strong bristles, this brush can detangle hair so quickly! These bristles are flexible, eliminating hair breakage. To keep the scalp healthy, SofTips™ sit on top of each bristle, stimulating circulation. I use this brush daily, both at home and in the salon. It’s great for working color through wet hair at the shampoo bowl. Detangling hair before combing is very important, and this is my go to. Although I encourage detangling curly hair in the shower with conditioner and your hands, many of my clients can’t get away from brushing. If you must, this is the best option! Lastly, kids love this brush because it’s painless!



2017-09-25_0005.jpgRound Brushes

I am probably asked which size and type of round brush to use on a weekly basis! There are so many! I love the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic Round Brush. It’s vented and ceramic surface distributes heat and airflow evenly, which reduces the drying time and smooths the hair. Nylgard™ bristles are gentle on the scalp and heat resistant, so these really hold up in the salon!

The rule of thumb for sizing a round brush is based primarily on the length of your hair. A small to medium brush is best for short to medium lengths to achieve volume, wave, or curl. Medium to large sized brushes work best on medium to long length hair and will provide soft wave and more volume.

I use these on all hair types. Personally, I prefer to rough dry wet hair and use these on damp to dry mid lengths and ends. In my opinion, this is much gentler on the hair because hair is the most susceptible to damage when it’s wet. I also prefer these when blowing out my clients with curly hair, however, many people prefer Natural Bristle Brushes.



Natural Bristle Brushes

I’ve been growing my hair out for a while now, and I’ve realized that my longer hair has much different needs! I only wash my hair twice a week, so when my hair isn’t wet I need to use a different brush to smooth my morning bed head! This is where my new favorite brush comes in, the Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Bamboo Brush. This brush tames my crazy fly aways and distributes my scalps natural oil throughout the rest of my straight and dry hair. Earlier this year, I had a few hair extensions added to the front sections of my head to balance out an old haircut, and this brush worked great for keeping my extensions tangle free.

If you’re hair is straight like mine, this brush is great for the days in between washing. If you wash your hair daily, this brush can truly help you extend the amount of time between cleansing because of the distribution of oil away from the scalp. This also stimulates the scalp, crucial for growing out the hair and keeping it healthy when it’s long.


Another staple for me in the salon is the Olivia Garden Style-Up Professional Teasing Brush. I use this brush for every Event Style, Updo, and Blowout! With clients who struggle with fine hair, this brush allows me to gently backcomb in the areas I need more volume. I use this brush to create height and lift, specifically in the crown area of the head. The tail of the brush is great for sectioning and separating the hair. Because of the compact bristles, a few quick sections and my style is literally elevated (pun intended!) and even a simple ponytail looks glam!


Beauty tools and products are everywhere, but knowing which is best for you can be tough! I hope this information is helpful when you’re reaching for your favorite hairbrush!


I want to thank one of my favorite clients, Ariana, for suggesting this post! Was this post helpful to you? Let me know in your comment! If you have a product dilemma, a blog post suggestion, or any other beauty related question, please don’t hesitate to ask!





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