Where Your Business Begins-Five Tips to Remove Competition and Attract Collaboration

Being in the Beauty Industry, I love always changing trends. I know within this field, there will always be more for me to learn. There is something about that never-ending supply of knowledge that I personally find so appealing. I also have made the decision to work from an abundance approach, meaning that if I focus on my own growth, there will always be enough. Enough education, enough creativity, and most importantly, enough business.

Here are Five Tips on removing the negative approach of competition and building on collaboration. These tips have helped me so very much as I’ve grown my business. As I once again make my way down an uncharted path of future ventures, I find myself coming back to these as areas of reflection. It’s challenging for me to hold on to this mindset and having this written down has been a huge help for me personally!

Confidence and Passion Attract Success 
Regardless of where you’re at in what you’re doing, approach it with absolute confidence in your success. Do not pay attention to what someone else is doing, and more importantly do not decide to do something because someone else is doing it. This creates competition, mainly within yourself. If your focus is on keeping up with someone else’s vision, you will never catch up. Why? Because for that person, hopefully passion is what’s driving them forward. More than likely, they’re not paying any attention to you or anyone else. This passionate drive is what we each need to have, so find yours and go get it. My passion has always been teaching, from my clients in the chair to fellow stylists. I love being able to connect and share something with someone else.

You are your own selling point, No one can do exactly what you do, exactly how you do it
My success in working with Naturally Textured (Wavy/Curly) Hair has come from this passion of teaching. Although there is nothing proprietary about my methods of cutting, my passion for teaching my clients how to be successful in embracing their naturally textured hair and styling it with products I trust and recommend is what sets me apart. I feel no threat of competition because I know what I am doing is of benefit to my clients. My goal at the end of each day is to have helped someone. This can mean so many things, from feeling confident enough in their appearance to nail a job interview to understanding a new way to attract potential clients. No one else can offer the exact experience and perspective that I can. Own that expertise!

Network like it’s your Job
I am a part of a weekly Networking Group here in Chicago of all women, mostly Soloprenuers. We all have very different businesses, but meeting every Thursday pushes me to focus in on what my business can be doing better. It also allows me the opportunity to connect with each of their businesses and find ways I can assist each of them in whatever way possible. This giving approach to networking, in my opinion, removes competition.

Align yourself with the people who value what you value
My favorite collaborators have different projects than I may have, but the same drive. We collaborate by encouraging each other in those projects, listening to challenges, and providing honest feedback. No matter what may change as our businesses grow, we know we can turn to each other when the view becomes obstructed. I look for information, referrals, and opportunities that will serve them in their growth. This opens doors for us both.

Some will. Some won’t. So what.
I don’t remember when or where I first hear this, but this is one of my favorite absolute favorite mottos. It is so very true. As I push forward in my goals of offering consulting services for other like minded Beautyprenuers, I have to constantly remind myself of this. My hopes in the upcoming months are that I find more people like me, who want to give to each other all of the experience and knowledge they have, knowing that there is and always will be so much more ahead. Together, we can all succeed. This isn’t something I say because I hope it’s true, but from my own experiences of growth. I know that I have learned more, and so much faster, when I have align myself with people who think in this same way.

As I look into the upcoming year, I know that I will have some obstacles ahead. I truly hope that as I push ahead, this collaborative spirit continues to grow. Regardless of the outcome, I will continue to put my all out there for anyone who is looking for resources in launching, running, and growing their own Beauty Businesses. Are you benefiting from my Five Tips series? What other information would you like to hear more about?

Stay tuned, I’m offering three Workshops here in Chicago starting in January 2017! These Workshops will expand on some of the information I’ve shared. If you’re interested in attending contact me here.

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