Where Your Business Begins- Five Tips To Prepare for the Holiday Season

I have officially entered the busiest time of my calendar year! I love November and December because I typically see the full rotation of my clientele. Everyone has a party to attend, family to visit, and a very busy schedule. During this time, I have to make sure my business is running smoothly to keep everyone feeling festive! Here are Five Tips for preparing for the busy weeks ahead!


Stay on top of Supplies

This is the time of year I crack down on what I’m using, and how much. As a Hairstylist, I am always ordering products. With color, I order a bit more than I typically would. I also focus on what trends my clients are noticing and order specifically to the needs I’ll have behind the chair, typically rich shades with warmer tones. For my backbar products and retail, I also start stocking bundles for gifts and smaller sizes for stocking stuffers.

Have Gift Certificates on Hand

Speaking of gifts, everyone loves recieving a gift certificate for something they’ll use. Because most of my business was built on referral, most of my clients know a friend or family member who also sees me. A gift certificate is a no brainer, so I make sure I have plenty available. I’ve also offered Holiday Promotions on Gift Certificates which rewarded both the gift-giver and receiver.


Think Ahead

I encourage all of my clients to prebook their appointments all year, but especially during the Holidays. Evenings and Weekends are always the first to go. If someone is looking for a service before an event or travel, I suggest booking two months out to ensure they have the time that works best for them.

Plan Your Holiday Marketing

Each year I send out Hoiday Postcards. I’ve had the most sucess when I’ve been able to start organizing my list well in advance. I update a few people each day, alphabetically. This way, I’m not scrambling at the last minute and stressing about getting everything out in time. I love mailing these out just before Thanksgiving, because I truly am so thankful for each and every client. I also feel that this allows my card to be one of the first received, and it is less likely to be lost in the shuffle. As I look ahead, I also start to plan out my email marketing and social media through December. This year I have a big launch planned for Small Business Saturday and I’ve already started to edit and revise what I’ll be sending out and posting.

Have Fun

This time of year is supposed to be Festive! Of course being busy can be stressful, but don’t forget everything that makes this time of year great. I look forward to attending different Fundraising Events and Galas that give back to organizations I care about. Jon and I are also looking into some new volunteering options. Get involved with something that matters to you, attend an event, or host your own!


These Five Tips help me truly enjoy this time of year! With so much to look forward to and so much to be thankful for, these next two months should be enjoyable for us all!


Photograph provided by Angela Garbot Photography

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