Where Your Business Begins- Five Tips to Increase Energy and Motivation

We’ve all been there. You’ve brainstormed an idea for your business, maybe even a solution to a challenge you’ve faced since starting out. As you’re maneuvering how to implement this new idea, you’re enthusiasm may start to diminish. How do you build back that momentum? What’s holding you back from accomplishing what you were once dreaming about.
Staying Energized and Motivated can be challenging in any business. For Solopreneurs especially, there are so many day to day distractions that can start to take away from our motivation.

Here are Five Tips I’ve used in my own career journey to keep my energy high and my motivation flowing!

Don’t Procrastinate
Procrastination has been a challenge for me for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I don’t have a cure all for constant procrastination or even an explanation for why we do it, but here’s one tip that’s worked for me. Don’t put off doing anything that will take less than a few minutes. Put away things as you use them. Answer that one email. These little tasks build up, the more you can get in the habit of tackling things as they come, the less distraction you’ll have. To write a blog post, perhaps…. speaking from experience…

Remember, Perfection is an Illusion 
Perfectionism has been a characteristic of mine that has both gotten me far and held me back. I am a perfectionist to the core, and even as I edit this post for the fifth time, I know I need to just hit “Publish“. Don’t let perfect hold you back, because nothing will ever be perfect. Think of growth as a living thing that changes and adapts. If something isn’t exactly how you’d like it, but done nonetheless, move on and make a note for next time.

Set a Routine
We are all creatures of habit, and a routine is the best way to generate motivation if it’s not quite there. Even when I’m feeling uninspired, if I sit down with my coffee in front of my laptop, something will start to flow. Even if I have to go back and revise, I’m closer than I would have been not writing at all. In the salon, I know my routine. I have a fluidity that keeps me on track and on time. At home, even if I’m not technically getting ready for work in the traditional sense, I’m far more productive if I shower and get dressed first thing.

Seek out More Education
When a true rut starts to develop, nothing jolts my energy like learning a new technique or perfecting a skill. In the salon, there is nothing more exciting then having something new to offer to a client, and seeing the gratitude from that client is a guaranteed motivator! Learning something new is also fun, and it’s even better if that skill or knowledge increases your bottom line!

Develop Creative Projects and Adventures
Speaking of that bottom line, we are all in business to make money. Of course every entrepreneur wants to be profitable! Don’t forget though, the value that comes from areas that may have nothing to do with your line of work. My greatest energy comes from adventures, I love to travel and experience new things. I also love documenting these adventures, especially through photography and writing. When my dad was younger he always had a camera in his hand. I know that next to entrepreneurship, he must have passed that down to me as well. This very blog started as, and continues to be, a creative project for me. And sometimes, those creative projects interweave somehow into your business. If you have the energy and motivation to develop them, they may become additional sources of revenue after all.

If you’re just starting out in your own business, hoping to take the leap, or needing more motivation, contact me!




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