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Where am I?

Last week my husband and I came home from a whirlwind trip to Thailand and Australia. We literally had an adventure, spending time with elephants in Chiang Mai, buying curry in a Bangkok market, watching the sunset after a day of snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. This trip was everything we wanted.

But then we came home and all the sudden life seemed boring. We touched base after a week of getting through each day jet lagged and tired and I was relieved to hear him voice the same feelings. Why are we bored? I am 27, successful in my career as an independent hairstylist and makeup artist, living in a great apartment in Chicago. We have a year and a half of marriage under our belts, with a couple great VaCas too! Our day to day is pretty great, and I’d be crazy to flip it all upside down…

But sometimes I am a little crazy. I’m not going to walk away from my clients and the career I’ve spent almost 10 years building. We’re not ready to venture down the path of starting a family. Maybe we’ll buy a condo. Crazy? Who knows.

In the meantime, I’m starting a blog. I don’t know if this will be read by anyone, although my hopes (like every Millennial I know) are that I can turn my passion for different aspects of my life into a source of income to free up my most valuable asset, time. I want more time.

To blog.

To work on DIY projects I’ve pinned 500 times.

To go for longer walks with my dog.

To travel.

To take pictures.

To make my husband dinner and organize our junk drawer(s).

Because I have so many waves of interest, this feels more like a method of cataloging it all. I love doing hair and makeup, but as most creatives do, I get stale from time to time. New projects give me fuel, and my hope is that this blog will be that fuel for all of the other projects spinning in my head. We’ll see.




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