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WCW- Wendy Thibodeau

When Jon and I got engaged, I knew immediately three things. One, I was the luckiest girl on the planet. Two, our wedding was going to be amazing. Three, Wendy Thibodeau was going to be our photographer.

I honestly enjoyed our planning process. We had the help of my amazing sister (in-law) Erin, an Event Coordinator with tons of experience throwing killer parties, and narrowed down the things that were most important to us pretty quickly. Photography was definitely in the top three, and because I already knew Wendy, we had one of our big decisions made before we even started planning!


My message to Wendy, a Michigan based Photographer, was a combined plea and promise asking her to come out to Chicago to shoot our Engagement photos and our Wedding the following year. She was, and of course is even more so today, truly talented in her work. I remember seeing her photos early on and knowing even then I’d want her!

Fast forward to now, and her business is booming! Her weekends are booked and her skill and experience has continued to soar! From her engagement and wedding shoots, to her family and personal shots, she continues to impress!

Meet Wendy Thibodeau, owner of Wendy Thibodeau Photography2017-03-30_0001.jpg

When did you decide you wanted to start your business?
I don’t think there was any exact point when I decided I wanted to start my business. Photography has been a passion of mine for such a long time, but I guess you could say after a few friends asked me to shoot their weddings I decided to become an LLC.
Who has been your biggest mentor and what have you learned from them?
I don’t have just one mentor who I can recall to be my biggest influence. In the photography world, you learn a lot of little things from a lot of other photographers. I read a lot, and I practiced a ton of trial and error. I have always been inspired by Detroit photographer Joe Gall, after seeing his work back in 2009. I would have to say that one of my best friends Meghan Kindsvater, who has been next to me through this journey into owning our own photography businesses, has been the biggest support.
What would you consider to be your biggest success?
I believe my biggest success has to be when I decided to become a full time business on June 1, 2016. I have served at a restaurant since I was 19 and owe a ton of the support and success to everyone who believed in me. I had grown from word of mouth so much within 2 years that I couldn’t balance the business and working in the service industry anymore. I needed to give my full attention to what has me madly in love, photography.
Where would you like to see your business go in the next year?
I would love to see Wendy Thibodeau Photography travel more within the next year. I love new places and new adventures and would love to be capturing love in the mountains.
Why should someone hire you? 
Why should someone hire me..? I have a lot of passion, plus experience. I truly believe that when trusting someone with your memories, you need to feel comfortable and connect with them. You need to fit with your photographer and their style, but also feel the experience of spending time with them. I truly strive to show to my clients the beautiful moments that we as their friends see, yet they are the ones experiencing.
And just for fun, what’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
Mascara. I love eyes. 


If you’re getting married, you want Wendy! If you’re having a baby, you want Wendy! If you just want someone awesome to grab a coffee with, you want Wendy!


Of all the photographers I’ve met, Wendy has the unique ability to put someone in their best light. She shines in all of the little moments, capturing what you may have forgotten about but brings you right back to all the love and emotion. You’re killing it, girl!



Photographs by Wendy Thibodeau Photography 

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