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WCW- Tina Smith

My Mom is the best. She really is. It’s not because she’s beautiful or because she can still manage to calm me down or because of all she’s taught me. It’s because her “Mom” title means so much more to me each day that passes.


We’ve been through a lot, my Mom and I. We used to argue about pretty much everything. I remember being 16 and thinking we couldn’t be more different, black and white. In reality, we are very alike. As I’ve gotten older, we’ve even started to look alike, which is a relief. I hope I look half as great as she does when I’m 50, and she’s a bit older than 50!


After my Dad passed away in 2012, my Mom and I grew even closer. To see her strength when I knew her heart was broken helped me pick up the pieces on my worst days. Although I’m sure we’d both go back to spend a few more moments with my Dad, the growth of our relationship is something I am constantly thankful for.


This month, with everyone taking the time to thank their Moms for all they’ve sacrificed and given, I wanted to feature my Mom. Although she has tons of experience and wisdom when it comes to Entrepreneurship (she helped run my Dad’s business for decades), I decided to ask her my typical WCW questions with a bit of a twist.

Meet Tina Smith, My Mom 2017-05-10_0003.jpg

When did you decide you wanted to have kids?

I did not think I was cut out to be a mother, so until I found out I was pregnant I never gave it much thought. Once I was going to be a Mom, I decided it sounded like a great idea. Your dad was dancing all around the kitchen when he found out, even though he said he didn’t want kids either. As it turned out we both loved being parents and we were pretty good at it (with a lot of help and guidance from God and our friends). 

Who was your biggest “Mom-Mentor” and what do you remember learning from her?

Carol Halm, a family friend. I learned so many things, it’s hard to narrow it down. I learned to have fun with my kids and just enjoy them. We did crafts together with you guys (like painting pet rocks) and sang your favorite songs together with her daughters, Lisa and Annie. I learned to get the necessities done, but after that to just have a nice time with you and your brother. 

What would you consider to be your biggest success?

Standing tall and making it through the really tough times. Sometimes when you are a Mom you have to make some really unpopular decisions for the greater good. It can make you feel a bit unloved (at the time), but if you can just remember to look at the “Big Picture” instead of the issue of the moment, you can stay true to your values. In time you may even find that your children are grateful that you were a strong tower that they could lean on.

Where would you like to see us kids go in the next year and what would you hope we each accomplish?

I have always been happy if my children were going anywhere they felt like exploring. I love learning about new places and things and I hope I have passed that love and curiosity on to all of you guys. I have no preference as to where you go, just that you enjoy each and every day as a gift. I hope that in the next year my children each grow emotionally and spiritually and learn to enjoy being alive and well. It is wonderful when you have done the best job you can do and you are able to see your children start realizing that they can stand on their own and enjoy being with their Mom at the same time!

What would be your “Mom Advice” for my Girlfriends who are new Mothers this year?

This might sound funny, but my best advice would be to always ask yourself “why” or ‘why not”. So often you’ll be telling your kids that they must do something or that they cannot do something, but when you sit back and think about it, you don’t really know why its such a big deal. One day I was insisting that you not do something, and all of a sudden I thought to myself, “What’s the big deal!?” I realized that my Mom insisted that I not do that and I somehow thought it was important to your becoming a good human being! I was just repeating what I had been taught but it really wasn’t a life of death thing. I had to start asking myself why things were important to me and it helped me to be a much better Mom. 

And just for fun, what’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

It has always been mascara! Even if I do nothing else, I try to get some mascara on so that you can tell I have eyes. As I get older, though, it might just be good skin firmer. I seem to have started sinking! Oh well, I guess you just can’t avoid it when you hit your mid 50’s. 


Thank you, Mom. For cheering us each on. For standing firm in what you believe, so we could learn to do the same. For everything you’ve done, and continue to do. You’re the best birth, adoptive, and foster Mom on this planet. We love you to the moon.



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