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WCW- Jessica Gryz

If you’re a client of mine, you’re already aware of how fond I am of our space! Shag a Salon is an absolutely gorgeous space. From the modern black and white decor to the vintage tin ceiling, I fell in love the moment I stepped a foot through the door. When I first saw the space, I had no idea that less than six months later I’d be relocating my business and my clients, calling Shag my home.2017-01-18_0002.jpg

I think Jessica Gryz knew, though! After working together at our previous shared space, Jessica and I already knew how well we worked beside each other. When she opened Shag, she focused on offering a shared space to stylists who understood her vision. One thing I specifically remember talking about was the importance of beverage selections for clients. It may be such a small detail to some, but who doesn’t love a beverage while they’re waiting? It’s the attention to detail like this that makes Jessica, and Shag, so unique.

I couldn’t have been happier when she had a chair available with my name on it back in December of 2015. It was so comforting to know I’d be bringing my clients to a space with an owner who took pride in the space. As some of you may know, Shag is the fourth salon I’ve worked out of. I promise, moving is never an easy choice. But when moving means upgrading, it’s a welcomed change! I’m so glad to be one of the six stylists, including Jessica, currently working out of the space. I hope to be here many more years, especially if it means working next to Jess!

Meet Jessica Gryz– Owner of Shag a Salon

When did you decide you wanted to start your business?
Deciding I wanted to open a salon was a relatively long process.  I started in the industry as an apprentice and then a commission based stylist.  I worked for a few years and started to desire more freedom and of course a way to increase profitability.  I moved on to become an Independent Stylist at a chair rental salon. I did this for 8 years and decided in the 7th year I’d like to open Shag. That time as an Independent Stylist afforded me the opportunity to really learn all that goes into being an Entrepreneur. It’s not always easy! I really wanted a place to call my own that was a culmination of all the things I thought would make up the perfect place to work though my own experience over the years. That’s when Shag A Salon was born.

Who has been your biggest mentor and what have you learned from them?
The question of a mentor is more difficult to answer. I’d say the owners of the previous salons I worked at played a role. The first place where I apprenticed taught me so much about the art of doing hair, invaluable industry knowledge you just can’t learn in school alone. The owner of the rental salon taught me a lot about how to run this kind of business. It’s quite different than one in which you have employees. There are so many inspirational Industry Professionals out there, it would be impossible to list them all, but so many sources to draw inspiration from. Lastly, I couldn’t have done any of this without the unwavering support of my parents, who I know are always behind me 100%! 

What would you consider to be your biggest success?
My biggest success thus far, I’d have to say, was actually getting the door to Shag open and ready for business!  There was a lot involved in designing and building out the space. I had a few challenges along the way and learned so much about many different areas! 

Where would you like to see your business go in the next year?
In the next year I hope to see Shag grow in more ways than one. I hope all five stylists and myself continue to grow our clientele and find success in the Industry. We will do this by continuing to provide quality services as well as continually educating ourselves on new trends and techniques to pass on to our clients. I also hope to add one more stylist to the team.

Why should someone hire you?
Hopefully when a guest visits Shag they feel they received a top notch hair service. All the stylists are experienced and very talented, so no matter who someone sees at Shag, they should leave with beautiful hair! I also tried to create a comfortable chic atmosphere where guests like to hang out during their services.  

And just for fun, what’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
Smashbox 3D Eyeliner. I feel naked without eyeliner!

If you’re an Independent Hairstylist in Chicago looking for a space to work out of, look no further! Shag is located on the corner of Belmont and Southport, conveniently located between the Red and Brown El lines. Street parking is also easily available. I’ll be hosting my first Workshop in our space on Monday, January 30th if you’d like to check it out, tickets are available here. We’d love to have you! If you’re looking for a Hairstylist, Jessica knows her stuff! I’d say blondes are an area of specialty for her, I trust my own color to her magic. Many of my own clients have also seen her when I’m unavailable or out of town. She accepts appointments Tuesday-Saturday, with evening availability as well.


Thank you for providing such a beautiful space, Jessica! We all love Shag!



Photo Credits: Bernadette Aguilar, fotoFANATIK PhotographyM.K. DeGrand, NAH Life Productions


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