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I can’t believe we are already in to July. I don’t know about you, but I can feel this year slipping away! Between my work and personal life, it’s been a busy year to say the least.
Before our vacation earlier this year, I shared some of the things I was doing to minimize my packing load. I was able to pack in a carry on for our Europe trip, and so many of the things I did to simplify my beauty routine have continued to pay off. One of these? Laser Hair Removal with Lapiel Laser Center.
I wanted to share an update on my Laser Treatments as well as a few tips I’ve learned over the last few appointments. Without hesitation, I would recommend Laser treatments, Lapiel Laser Center, and Catalina Ruiz, to anyone. I’ve been so happy with my results. Not having another beauty requirement in the morning has been so great. It’s as if I don’t even think about what I’m putting on in the morning because whatever I choose to wear will only reveal smooth skin.
I’ve now completed five treatments to my underarms and two treatments to my legs. I’m scheduled in August for my last underarm treatment in my series of six. Most areas require a minimum of six treatments, to have achieved such a noticeable difference makes me so happy! I noticed the most improvement between my fourth and last treatment, with almost no hair growth. My legs were noticeably smoother after my very first treatment, with almost no hair growth as well.
As I mentioned in my first review of my treatments, the pain varies. I think I’ve found what works best for me in minimizing the pain as much as possible. Here’s my secret, and a few other tips, if you’re thinking of giving Laser a try!
Do Your Research– Laser Hair Removal is an investment. With anything, you get what you pay for. Catalina’s medical background, experience, and her level of care sets Lapiel apart.
Plan Out Your Treatment Schedule– This summer I’ll be wearing Maxi skirts to keep my legs covered while staying cool. With Laser, my skin needs to be protected from the sun as much as possible. In my opinion, one summer of extra precautions is a small price to pay, but many of my beach babe friends would be struggling to stay out of the sun through these next couple months. If you’re planning for a specific event, like a wedding or vacation, discuss this in advance as well.
Use the Numbing Cream– I don’t know what award I was trying to win by not using the suggested numbing application before my first few underarm treatments, but with my legs I took precautions! Because it’s a large area, it’s a longer appointment and the repetition of the Laser can be a bit more intense. I apply the cream two hours before I go in, and it is night and day in pain management! I can always tell if I’ve missed a spot!
Take an Ibuprofen– Again, I don’t know why I needed to go in without Ibuprofen before, but I won’t again! A few weeks back, I had my Wisdom Teeth removed. My recovery was fairly painless and quick, so I had quite a few of my prescription Ibuprofen left over. I decided to take one before I went in for my last treatment and again the pain management was night and day!
Follow the Post Treatment Recommendations– Again, you’re investing here. Follow the post care instructions to achieve the best results. Keep your treatments on schedule, stay out of the sun, and don’t wax or pluck.
If you decide to give Lapiel Laser Center a try, use the code LW10 and receive 10% off your service! You’ll love the entire staff! Happy Summer!



Disclaimer- I have not and will not receive any monetary compensation for presenting these products and services on my blog. The decision to write about them was my own and all views and opinions are my own. 

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