Packing for Europe in a Carry On

I can’t believe we are finally coming up on the trip we started planning over a year ago! Before we even landed in Bangkok! This trip is one we’ve really looked forward to for a bunch of reasons! First of all, Greece, Croatia, and Italy, who wouldn’t be looking forward to these destinations!? Second, my husband Jon is Sicilian. We are so excited to be traveling to Sicily together! Lastly, this time around we are going to do our absolute best to relax. As much as I love adventure, I think when we traveled to Thailand and Australia we packed in a bit too much. Literally.

So, when planning for this vacation, I decided I don’t want to be weighed down by all of our bags again! Granted, we won’t be boarding as many flights this time around. Nevertheless, I decided to bring one wheeled suitcase and one backpack this time. And with a little help from Alyssa, the owner of Cashmere & Wit, I think I’ve got my packing pretty much done!

2017-03-18_0006.jpgHow cute is this Izola Shoe Bag!?

My plans for packing required little to no shopping! After sending Alyssa our itinerary for the trip, and a few items I had in mind, she sent me back these suggestions:

“Ok after looking over your intinerary, the items you want to take with, as well as items we’ve talked about adding before, below is the list of items I think you should add if you don’t already own.
  • Harem/track pants (I believe you own these in olive or possibly black.)
  • Colored chinos (Did you replace the pair that didn’t wash well from Anthro?)
  • 1 maxi/midi skirt (You could go basic or metallic. I love Anthro’s metallic or if you want to go cheap, Forever 21 has some fun ones.)
  • 1 long sleeved tee
  • 2 regular tees (One either black and/or white and the other bright color.)
  • 1 white or black tank
  • 2 Light jackets (One denim and 1 leather or faux in a dark color.)
Side note, have you worn those sandals you showed in the photos a lot? If not, you might want to bring your Birkenstocks with as well.”


I purchased this white Maxi Skirt from Anthropology and a few J. Crew tees, including this bright long sleeved Yellow Tee. I’m still on the hunt for a dark leather jacket, but everything else I was able to pull from my closet! Side note, I’m obsessed with this Izola ‘Get Lost‘ backpack, and it’s perfect for the plane!


With my items spread out on our queen size bed, I got to work putting together outfits with the options I could wear over and over again. We will have access to laundry services, so I’ll be able to wear almost everything at least twice. Here is my day by day outfit plan, with a total of only 15 items, 5 pairs of shoes, and 10 accessory pieces!


I’ll be wearing a vest on the plane, it will be a little chilly here in Chicago. This will give me an additional layering piece as well. Once I purchase a leather jacket, I’ll also have three options for dressing up for dinner. All in a carry on!

I still need to go through my toiletries and purchase some travel sized beauty products. I’ll share these with you in a future post, as well as my beauty treatments to get me VaCa ready! Stay tuned!



Disclaimer- I have not and will not receive any monetary compensation for presenting these products on my blog. The decision to write about them was my own and all views and opinions are my own. 

Photography provided by NAH Life Productions

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