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bringing out the confidence inside

I am a very passionate stylist who absolutely loves this industry, primarily for the joy it brings to offer someone confidence in their look, while also developing professional, yet personal relationships with each and every person I meet behind the chair. My Paul Mitchell background taught me to learn the rules before breaking them, which encouraged both creativity and consistency. I know the importance of bringing my all to every client, and this has pushed me to constantly seek out new education. I love being a part of something that is always changing and growing. There is, and always will be, more to learn.

After graduating from Paul Mitchell the School Great Lakes in Port Huron, Michigan, I craved the opportunities only available in a city like Chicago. I was active in Paul Mitchell culture with various fundraising, specialty clubs, and the Honors Program offered, Phase Two. As much as I learned during my education, my knowledge truly grew from the stylists I worked beside. That influence also motivated me to attend the American Crew Menswork Academy in Denver, CO as well as the DevaCurl Academy’s Cutting Curl Lab and the Pintura Highlighting Lab in New York City, NY. After 4 years in a small Chicago boutique salon, I knew once again I needed room to continue my professional growth and set new goals. Being an Independent Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist allows me all of this. Working out of a beautiful salon like Shag provides comfortability to myself and my clients. Relax, enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, and leave looking fabulous!

Whatever your needs may be, I know through communication I can create the look that best suits your personal style and offer the knowledge to recreate that look day after day.

Salon Services

Salon Services


Haircut Services

Women’s Haircut and Style $60

Men’s Haircut and Style $40

DevaCurl Texture Haircut and Style $90

Children’s Haircut $25


Color & Treatment Services

Olaplex Deep Conditioning Treatment $30/$45

with Style $65/$80

Gloss/ Pastel $40

with Style $80

Single Process Color $90

MultiDimensional Color $120

Highlights $125/$150/$200

Balayage $135/$160/$210

Ombré $140/$165/$210

Event & Bridal Services

Event & Bridal Services


Bridal Services

Bridal Styling $100

Bridal Styling Trial $85

Bridal Makeup Application $85

Bridal Makeup Trial $75

Bridal Party Styling $85

Bridal Party Makeup Application $75


Event Services

Blow Out $45

Event Styling $65

Event Makeup Application $50 – with Lashes $70

Event Eye Makeup Application $30 – with Lashes $50

Eye Makeup Application $45

False Lash Application $25

On Location Fee $150

Request a complimentary consultation for pricing details.

*All Services are available by appointment only

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