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Unpacking my first Chicago apartment back in 2008, I dreamt of getting a dog. I had moved in to the heart of Lakeview and immediately fell in love with all of the dog parks, dog friendly patios, and dog boutiques! It took a few years, but I honestly believe pets find their owners! In December 2010, my girlfriend called because she needed to find a new home for her sweet pup. She came over and brought the sweetest, fluffy, three-month-old miniature Australian Shepherd. I fell in love, and Charlotte was mine. A few months later, I met Jon. We joke now that she came through me to find Jon, they’re inseparable! Regardless, we would be lost without our ‘Meatball/Midge/Charlotte Johansson/Jo Jo.’ The nicknames are endless.


August 26th marks ‘National Dog Day‘ and this month, Angela Garbot and I are featuring Dogaholics on Southport. Dogaholics is a Lakeview staple in the dog-owner community, and it’s no surprise why! After meeting the owner, Candace, I completely understood their mass popularity! She is an absolute dog-lover, and they love her right back.


How long have you and your business been in the Lakeview area and what made you decide to open it? 

I always wanted to be in the Southport Corridor, but there weren’t any spaces back in 2006! So in 2008 when my current location opened up I had to snag it. I loved the wide sidewalks, the easy access to both train lines, the lake and the highway. It’s all about location, location, location! Oh, and there are LOTS of dogs in Lakeview, too!

What’s your favorite “secret” thing that makes your business unique? What do only locals know about your business? 

The one-on-one attention that our clients get. A lot of other daycares don’t allow their handlers to communicate with the pet parents. At Dogaholics our customers typically interact with dog handlers who are watching their dogs at drop off and pick up. This allows for consistent communication on how their pet is doing. 

Who’s your favorite Cubs player? 

David Ross… and I told him he was my Cubs Crush when he filmed the commercial here over the winter. He blushed and said his Cubs Crush was Kris Bryant

What’s your favorite local spot to eat, drink, or shop in Lakeview and what do you love about it?  

I really love the new lounge at Music Box. It’s a great place for a quiet drink, a small meeting or even a larger gathering. While I rarely get enough time to swing over there to watch movies, some call me a workaholic more than a dogaholic, popping in for a quick bit always makes me “feel” like I’m going to the movies.

Give us a personal favorite item you’d like to talk about, whatever you love! 

We love celebrating doggy birthdays. All clients get a special photo posted on social media of their dog wearing a crown and a special birthday cookie package. To see the photos, check out Dogaholics on Instagram.


Dogaholics actively supports pet adoption and rescue, another example of the genuine care and affection they show towards the four-legged members of your family. This Sunday, August 27th, they’re supporting Chicago Canine Rescue and invite you to attend the ‘Puppy Patio Party‘ at Brownstone Tavern. If you donate a dog treat, toy, or blanket, you’ll score a free beer!

2017-08-25_0006.jpg 2017-08-25_0007.jpg

Throughout the year, Dogaholics also offers classes to pet parents. Alicia Obando, the owner of Pitter Patter Parenting, teaches families how to manage kids and pets together.

“If you have a dog in Chicago, chances are he or she is going to run into kids even if you don’t have any kids yourself. Your friends or family might have kids and your community is probably full of kids. So how do you make sure that your dog’s interactions with children are safe and pleasurable for everyone involved? In this class we’ll talk about canine body language, how to be your dog’s best advocate and how to talk to children and their parents about dog interactions.”


On Sunday, September 24th, she’ll be at Dogaholics teaching ‘Managing Your Dog around Kids‘ at 3pm. Join us with your two and four legged kiddos!



Disclaimer- I have not and will not receive any monetary compensation for presenting these businesses on my blog. The decision to write about them was my own and all views and opinions are my own. 

Photography provided by Angela Garbot Photography 

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