Lyfe Style Win | January Workshop Recap- Fundamental Steps to Success
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January Workshop Recap- Fundamental Steps to Success

I hosted my very first workshop last week! I am so happy to be moving towards this area of my business and I am so very excited to see these workshops grow!

To be totally honest, when I first launched these, I told myself I’d be so happy if I had one person at each workshop. Just one person to listen to me and give me feedback. Thankfully, I had four! These four provided so much insight in to where I want to continue my focus. We each spoke on our different challenges. Hearing all of the areas we each want to focus on this year, I know these workshops will be beneficial to so many other Independent Beauty Professionals. Wherever we each are in our businesses, the struggles are so often the same!

We focused this very first workshop on three questions you should ask yourself.


Why Are You Here?

Passionate people are my very favorite! My goal is to help you discover the passion (the “Why?”) in your business. Yours will be different from mine and from the person sitting next to you. This is what takes away competition, embracing what makes us each different in an Industry that can be very saturated.

Where Do You Want to Be?

This is probably something you think about daily. Where do you want your business to go? The more specific you’re able to be, the faster you’ll get there. We’ll break down your long-term goal into smaller short-term goals.

Once you know why and where, you’ll be able to discover how.

How Will You Get There?

When you focus on why and where you want to grow, a map is easy to follow. Think of these workshops as a few small steps down the path of success. We will discuss ways to attract, inform, and communicate with clients. We’ll cover basic methods of marketing, systems and pricing to set yourself apart, and professional communication. You’ll be equipped with your map of small changes that will make a huge impact on your business growth this year.



I know there are many people who have asked these same questions. I know when first starting my business, I had no idea where to find the answers. My goal is to help others find them faster. We may be Independent, but we don’t have to be alone!
If your an Independent Beauty Professional, please join us on February 27th to talk more about the systems available to make life easier outside of the services you provide! Tickets are available here.



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