Lyfe Style Win | Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th. Regardless of your relationship status, today love is all around. To celebrate, some people go all out with an expensive dinner, roses, maybe chocolates. Others keep it simple, a greeting card and dinner at home. Maybe you’ll be celebrating with a bottle of wine and some girlfriends.


Jon and I? We have a long standing tradition.


We met sometime in February 2010. We don’t know the exact date, don’t judge us, but we’ve used Valentine’s Day as a milestone. Although we didn’t officially start dating until May, our initial meeting was so ironic it’s worth the mention each year!


We met at Sluggers in Wrigleyville. Being February, it was obviously the Cub’s off season. No, we weren’t at the batting cages. We met downstairs, somewhere between the main bar and the bathrooms. Although I know quite a few couples who’ve met at a bar, based on these circumstances I had no intention of meeting my future husband that night.


A girlfriend of mine was out on a blind date that was heading south. Her first red flag? He took her to Sluggers. I know it may be a touch critical of me to point this out, but Jon didn’t take me to Sluggers. On a date. We just happened to be in the same place at the same time. Anyway, this girlfriend sent a 911 text message to me and another friend. Our plan was to casually bump in to her and invite her out with us. She’d apologize to her blind date and the three of us would head down to River North as we did most Saturday nights back then.

We were there within the hour, but somehow her tune had changed. We walked in to see her laughing, having a great time. The awkwardness of us stepping in on their date was evident, so we excused ourselves to the bathroom to brainstorm our out. On our way, my now-husband’s good friend held out a hand for a high five. I held my hand up and we made our way past without a second thought.

After our brainstorm, we exited the bathroom to see Jon and his two friends. In Jon’s version of this story he had seen me walk in and pointed me out to his friends. When I walked by his friend was there with the assist high five. I’m still not sure if I totally believe this part of the story, but regardless they introduced themselves and bought us a beer and a shot. While my friend was grabbing the drinks with his two friends, Jon made his move. His pick up line?

“He’s engaged. He has a girlfriend. I’m single.”

Not joking, that’s what he said. And obviously his long term game was on point. Short term, not so much. I laughed and we chatted as a group for a bit. By the end of the night though, he had my number. The rest, as they say, is history.


Each year we go back to Sluggers on Valentine’s Day and order a beer and a shot. We even took some of our engagement photos there. As Wriglyville makes some changes in these upcoming years, I pray this staple remains the same. I am so grateful to have met Jon that night, I truly can not imagine my life today without that fateful high five.


You never know how you’ll meet that certain someone, where, or when. But when you do, you really do know. There was something about Jon I loved from that very first night. I might not have known it yet, but I did know we were going to have a story to tell.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Cover Photo provided by NAH Life Productions

All other Photos provided by Wendy Thibodeau Photography

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