Five Tips- Marketing Services for Potential Clients

The third topic to be discussed at my January 30th workshop here in Chicago? Marketing!

My background in Marketing? Self taught. I learned a ton the old fashioned way, through trial and error. Launching my own business in 2012, I had no idea how to find new clients. My previous salon was primarily referral based. Most of my new clients in the years I spent building there had found me by word of mouth, either through someone they knew or online reviews. This marketing strategy had worked for me in building my core clientele, so I knew some of the things I was doing had to be working.

What were those things? How did I attract clients being on my own without the brand of a salon backing me? Who should I target as potential clients and where would I find them?

Look to the Clients who Already Love Your Services

Where ever you’re at in your business, you have clients who value you. It may be just a handful, it may be hundreds. Don’t overlook these clients in an attempt to attract someone new. These clients are already happy with what you’ve provided to them in the past and if you focus on their continued happiness, they’ll naturally share your services with those closest to them. Most of my new clients are referred to me by friends, family, or coworkers. These new clients tend to be my favorites because they already know a bit about who I am and what I offer based on the testimonial from the person who referred them. There is no better way to start out a new client relationship! Once they’re in, it’s your job to provide that same experience to them. Do so and voilà, you have another client!

Find Your OWN Niche  

What makes you different? In any saturated market the struggle will be to set yourself apart. This can mean so many things. The one thing I have seen over and over is an attempt at growth by latching on to what may have worked for someone else. Do not do this. This ties back to that concept of competition, which I promise you doesn’t provide true growth. What do you do well? Each of us have different strengths and if you take the time to focus in on what your strengths are, your growth and success will follow. True passion is the key in my opinion. The areas of my business that I am truly passionate about consistently grow.

Brand Yourself in a Professional Manner

First impressions mean everything! What ever that first impression may be, a business card, a website, or even a social media account, make sure it communicates who you are and what you offer. There is so much to talk about here, and I promise I’ll dive deep during my January workshop! My first piece of advice would be to simplify and focus your brand. Separate what doesn’t fit and simplify what does. I am still working on this as I develop Lyfe Style Win, it can be a struggle regardless of experience.

Encourage New Clients to Give your Services a Try 

I offer a small discount to all New Clients in the salon. This provides someone with a small incentive to give me a try, but doesn’t discount the value of the service they’re receiving. I also prioritize offering them as much value as possible while they’re in my chair. I offer them a beverage, I spend quality time communicating during our consultation, I suggest take home styling products to achieve the same style. These pieces of value may seem small, but you’d be surprised how important they are and how many people sometimes overlook the value of the small things.

Thank Your Clients, both New and Existing

I also offer a small discount to my existing clients who referred a new client to me. I truly appreciate them recommending me to someone else, it is a huge compliment! I also send a handwritten thank you note to each new client. I equally value their business and the opportunity to provide services to them again in the future. Not many people send handwritten notes anymore. Take the time to do so and you’ll absolutely make an impression.

Marketing is challenging, especially when you’re running a business alone. These Five Tips just skim the surface. I have dozens of marketing strategies I’ve focused on and have shared with other Beauty Professionals who are looking to launch or grow their Independent Business. Want more? Sign up for my January 30th workshop here in Chicago or contact me to book a 30 minute complimentary consultation to see how I can help your business grow!



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