Lyfe Style Win | Five Tips- Contacting Clients with Professionalism
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Five Tips- Contacting Clients with Professionalism

Who has your direct contact information currently and what would a client need to know in order to find you on their own?

Where will clients go to contact you directly and when should they expect to hear back from you?

Why should a client see you and how will your location effect them?

Whether you’re relocating, just starting down the path of entrepreneurship, or simply researching your options, these questions should be at the top of your list of concerns. Being a Soloprenuer means you’re it. You answer the phone, respond to emails, book appointments, and provide the services. Your first impression matters. How do you convey your level of professionalism when contacting and interacting with clients?

Make Contact and Provide Information ASAP

If you are able, provide your clients with your direct contact information when you are with them during their service. Inform them that their next service will be at your new location. After you’ve settled in, start reaching out to everyone who’s information you do have. Send a handwritten card, if possible, to your core clients letting them know you’ll be booking all future appointments directly. If you don’t have mailing addresses, send an email with your signature containing all of your contact information. If you are just starting out, always have professional business cards on hand to share with potential new clients.

Ensure all Future Contact will be Easy

For the best possible client retention rate, all communication and booking should be easy. Your email address should be short and clear. Your phone number should be used only for appointment bookings so nothing is missed. Set up professional social media accounts with your name and information visible so existing clients can search for you and new clients can find you.

Respond Quickly

When you receive a phone call or email, chances are you’ll be working with clients providing services. Of course, you’re not going to stop a service in order to respond. However, all correspondence should be within a reasonable window of time, no more than 24 hours. Set up a Voicemail greeting with your hours of availability and location information. I also use an auto email response directing clients to my online booking options through my website.

Convey Your (Professional) Motivation for your Location

If you’ve moved from a different location, convey your motivation for relocating. For me, I wanted to expand my Bridal business and be able to offer On Location Services to Brides. I also wanted to learn the processes of successful business ownership. When I saw my clients, I made sure they knew that their loyalty in following me was a part of my professional growth. I wanted them to know how much it meant to me to have them in my chair. Do not, under any circumstances, speak negatively about your previous location or employer. This industry is small, and relationships matter. Also, clients appreciate your level of professionalism. Your focus should be on them, not on a dramatic story.

Address any Logistical Concerns

Be sure to highlight parking options as well as Public Transportation in appointment reminders or email correspondence. Also, share details on your space. We offer beverages to clients, I make a small note of that in my automatic email reminder to convey the importance of their comfort. These small details matter. They allow your client, especially on their first visit, to relax and enjoy their service.

Do you find these tips helpful? These are just five of the many, many ways you can convey your level of professionalism and set yourself apart. Want more? Sign up for my January 30th workshop here in Chicago or contact me to book a 30 minute complimentary consultation to see how I can help your business grow!




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