Lyfe Style Win | My Favorite Fall Trend
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My Favorite Fall Trend

I love fall. For so many reasons.

First of all, pumpkin everything! We take a trip every October to Johansen Farms in Bolingbrook for pumpkins and pie. This pie, seriously. This is my favorite sports season. Normally Jon and I are on the couch for Football Sunday’s every weekend. This year, it’s been a bit tough to cheer for our Bears, but the Cubs will be going into tonight’s wildcard game in Cincinnati with 101 wins! How amazing is that!? Lastly, I love fall clothing! Layering, I’ve got down. It’s amazing to me how put together a pair of jeans and a tee shirt can look with a beautiful scarf and a pair of earrings!2016-09-30_0002.jpg
Fall is also a transitional time, and for me that’s one of the reasons it’s so great. My summers in the salon are always so busy, everyone’s personal lives get so packed during the warmer months. But during the fall season, I think everything slows down just enough to bring us true appreciation. It’s not too chilly yet here in Chicago, so we’re all taking advantage of the last few sunny days and getting outside. No one has any feelings of pressure from the upcoming holidays quite yet. Fall is just cozy.
I especially love transitioning into new beauty trendswith my clients during these months, from hair color to makeup routines.

My favorite fall trend? Bold lipstick.


I love lipstick all year round but in the fall as the days get shorter and our clothing tends to get a bit darker, a bold lip truly stands out. Also, going back to the simplicity of jeans and a tee shirt, a bold lip is an accessory that instantly glams up any simple outfit.
This berry red, ‘Dedicated‘, from Meet Matt(e) Hughes is my go to. It has just the right amount of pink to keep my skin glowing. This stuff truly lasts all day, through multiple cups of coffee and 8 hours of conversation in my chair. Check out all of their amazing shades, I’m obsessed!2016-09-30_0003.jpg
What are you looking forward to this Fall? From trends to events, I truly hope you’re enjoying all of it!



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