DIY-Poppin’ Bottles and Making Candles

If you haven’t read already, I LOVE DIY projects. I dream about some day having a workshop where I have projects on top of projects and a pickup truck. The pickup truck would be old and probably red, and I’d drive it around collecting more projects.

Anyway, this particular DIY doesn’t require an old red truck and makes a perfect last minute holiday gift. All you need- an empty champagne (or any glass) bottle and a few candle making necessities. And if you haven’t emptied a bottle or two lately, most likely you’ll be poppin’ bottles this weekend! Give this project a try next week for a great New Year’s Eve centerpiece or hostess gift!


Here’s what you’ll need:

An empty glass bottle
A glass cutter (optional)
Cotton String
Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)
Fine Grit Sandpaper
Wax Chips
Microwave Safe Melting Pot


Thankfully, I have my wonderful (photographer/assistant/director) husband’s help for these kitchen DIY projects. He especially enjoys a project that involves lighting something on fire. We decided to make a few of these and played around with the different methods of cutting the bottles. For thin glass bottles, you can skip the glass cutter. For thicker bottles, like champagne bottles, the glass cutter makes this much easier.

Score the bottle with the glass cutter and then tie the string tightly around the scored section, wrapping it around a few times. Slide the string off and soak it in acetone. Slide it back on the bottle to the scored section. If you’re me, pass it over to your husband.


Fill your sink with ice cold water. Holding the bottle over the sink, strike a long match and light the string. Continuously spin the bottle with the flame burning evenly. When the flame starts to go out, submerge the bottle in to the ice water. The bottle will easily break where it was scored.


Using the fine grit sandpaper, smooth the edges out and gently wash and dry the bottle. Using superglue, glue the wick to the bottom of the bottle.


Once dry, use the match and wrap the wick around the match to hold it upright.


Fill your microwave safe melting pot (ours was designed to melt chocolate, but works great for soy wax!) with wax chips. Melt the wax into a liquid and pour into the bottle.

Add your favorite holiday scent while the wax is still a liquid. Allow the wax to harden. Once hardened, trim the wick to the height of the bottle.


We can’t wait to give these as gifts! Happy Holidays!


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