Lyfe Style Win | Bridal Makeup 101 with Make Up First
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Bridal Makeup 101 with Make Up First

It’s Bridal Season! I love this time of year, it’s  so exciting to hear about the details of someone’s special day. It also means so much to me to be chosen by my Brides. Living in Chicago, there are so many talented Hairstylists and Makeup Artists. The trust each Bride puts in me really has an impact. It drives me to constantly educate myself and improve my skill set.
Recently I headed back to THE BEST place for Makeup Education here in the city for a little brush up (pun intended) on my Bridal Application techniques. Make Up First was opened back in 2006 and moved to their current location downtown in 2009. Jill Glaser, the Owner of MUF, taught the class with the Retail and Marketing Manager, Rachael Heimbuch, as her model. First, Rachael is stunning! Jill has such a down-to-earth approach to her education, I love taking her classes. I always walk away with great tips and new products to try.
My Brides usually ask for a natural look, and I was very happy to hear Jill focus on the natural glow most Brides are looking for. It’s all about the skin! I loved the ‘Prep’ products Jill recommended, and purchased two new products from Embroyolisse; Hydra-Mat and Soothing Eye Contour Treatment. I’ve used these a few times now and am loving both.
I don’t currently offer Airbrush Services, but after watching Jill, I’ve finally decided to make the investment in education and equipment! I will be offering Airbrush Services in 2018! I’ve always known my own personal experiences with Airbrush shouldn’t be my basis for writing off the technique entirely, but to see such a quality application totally changed my opinion. For the record, Airbrush isn’t better than a Traditional (brush) Application. If done well, both options will give that ‘glow‘ and last through the night. As my Bridal business has grown, I now see the value in being able to provide both services. Education on Airbrush is essential, so I’ll be sticking with my Traditional Makeup Application for my currently contracted 2017 Brides, but I am looking forward to building my knowledge and experience in this service! Who wants to be a model!?!
In addition to beautiful skin, Jill also emphasized the importance of the eyes. Perfectly shaped Eyebrows and long dark Eyelashes bring the attention without looking harsh or overdone. I love soft metallic shades, more of a reflection then a sparkle. If you opt for a bold lip, keep the eyes soft and neutral.
If you know me, you know my obsession with brows and lashes. I can’t wait to share with you my newest favorite Lash service! Stay tuned!
Whatever the occasion, professionally applied makeup will keep you glowing through every dance move and cocktail. Book an appointment for your next event or schedule a consultation here.


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