Brews & Bows Dad and Daughter Hairstyling Event Recap

When Lindsey and I first sat down for coffee to discuss opportunities we had for networking together, I instantly knew we had more in common than just our first names! Although neither of us have kids of our own, we love working with our client’s kids! Her enthusiasm for her business is totally refreshing and our ideas started flowing immediately!


As we talked about co-hosting events together, Brews and Bows developed naturally! Hosting an event that focused on Dads, Daughters, and Hairstyling was a perfect fit for both of our clientele. We also wanted to bring in our own relaxed vibe to put these Dads at ease, and what better way than to bring in beer!


We got to work reaching out to breweries and event spaces to find sponsors and bring our idea to life. The more we talked about this idea, the more positive feed back we received! We were actually shocked there weren’t more Hairstylist/Event Planner duos who were taking this idea and running with it!


Our sponsors were Hummingbird Studios and The Kidographer, providing us with a space as well as photography for the event, and Vice District Brewing Company providing us with Beer. Hummingbird Studios was a fantastic location and we loved the shots we received from The Kidographer! Of course, all of the Dads were loving the brews provided by Vice, and one lucky Dad even snagged a beer glass and tee shirt in our raffle! We also brought in robes, hairbrushes and mirrors for the girls. Not wanting them to go thirsty, we also set up a Mocktail Mimosa Bar. Adorable!


Wanting to keep the girls entertained, we decided to bring in a DIY craft. The girls made cute barrettes for their Dads to use in the styling lessons we provided. We planned on teaching two hairstyles, both fairly basic. After finishing the second, one Dad asked us to demonstrate some braiding as well. We were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm all ten Dads showed in wanting to stick around for braiding techniques and we’ll definitely be focused on braiding at future events!


All in all, this event was fantastic! Lindsey and I sat down and jotted down some notes afterwards, keeping in mind any adjustments we’d make for our next event together! We are so excited to be¬†offering this class again in the very near future, stay tuned for more details! If you’re interested in being added to our contact list or would like to sponsor future events, click here.




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