My name is Lynzie. I’ve embraced the unique spelling of my first name just in time to change my last name after marriage. Still embracing that. My maiden name, Smith, launched me into my first business- LS Hair & Makeup Design. My married name, Wellin, is launching me into my second, Lyfe Style Win.


Living in Chicago, there are plenty of 20-something millennials wanting to write a blog and quit their day jobs. I love my day job. I’m an Independent Hairstylist and Makeup Artist. My love for connecting with my clients every day is what inspired this blog. I am so excited to share more of who I am outside of the salon while helping other Beauty Industry Professionals launch and grow their own Beauty Businesses.


For me, Entrepreneurship is in my blood. My dad owned and operated his father’s business for 30 years. As a teenager I couldn’t believe my dad would pass on benefits and a steady 9-5 to work weekends and struggle through paperwork, taxes, and payroll. Now, I get it. After he passed in 2012, my business plan developed into my own type of therapy. I know he would be so proud of path.


My husband, Jon, and I have been married since 2014. We live in a two flat in Lincoln Square with our little dog, Charlotte. We’re Chicago sports fans (shhh… don’t tell my Michigan family) and love projects, bike rides, strong drinks, and good food. We’re still getting the hang of our Husband/Wife roles, it’s sometimes the best decision we’ve ever made and sometimes a struggle.


I’m growing my business because I truly feel the need for a community of Independent Beauty Professionals. I also want to lead the way by sharing my own successes and discoveries (I don’t like the word “failure”) and encouraging a collaborative spirit among us all. I am focusing on the approach of abundance, there will be enough business for us all to succeed.


This blog has it all- Living, Styling, and Winning in the Beauty Industry. As a wife, entrepreneur, and millennial. That’s my reality. Imperfection. Balance. Life.