My 2017 Vision Board

Next week starts the second month of 2017! Is it just me or has January flown by? Between the beautiful weather we’ve had here in Chicago, the Inauguration, and my own personal life, I’m already feeling like this year is going by quickly! Maybe that’s a good thing, who knows!

I love turning a new leaf on a new year. Where there are doubts about what this year will look like for most, I remain optimistic about what I have planned both personally and professionally.

Some people really love making resolutions at the beginning of January. If you’re motivated in this way, I’m all for it! For me, I need variety. Actually, one of my goals this year it to add variety to my workout routine. If I’m working on the same thing in the gym each week, I loose motivation quickly.

Outside of the gym, this also is the case. I need new challenges to keep moving. For this reason, each year I make a Vision Board. Visual reminders are the most helpful way for me to stay focused. In many ways, my vision boards show me the direction I’m heading. They also show me where I’ve been! One of my favorites I made in my first week of Beauty School. To see those goals achieved now in my life always puts a smile on my face!


This year has some uncertainty, maybe more so than in years past. My business is evolving in to some new spaces, and with that excitement also comes some doubt. When I’m feeling uncertain, seeing my collage of photos and key words with why I’m doing the things I’m doing provides needed motivation.

Personally, Jon and I have some big goals ahead as well. We are keeping our focus this year on enjoying our time together before any big life decisions. Without babies or mortgage payments, we are able to really work our ourselves as a couple as well as individually. We are also hyper-focused on our savings plan this year. We just sat down last night to knock out our monthly savings goals. Having these goals on my vision board reminds me of their importance when I’m tempted to focus elsewhere, like grabbing my daily coffee instead of making in before I walk out the door!


What are some of your goals this year? Mine include hosting workshops, putting a little more effort into my cooking abilities, and taking French lessons! Let’s make 2017 awesome in whatever ways we have the power to!



Photography provided by NAH Life Productions

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